Nullus locus sine genio

thu 2016 jun 9 - 

An informal invitation. A great opportunity to catch. The winemaker, responsible for the Castellani’s vineyards, a company renowned in the provence of Pisa and not only, the third generation of winemakers, based in my hometown: Pontedera, vineyards and estates scattered inthe production area of Chianti, on the Chianti hills andin Tuscany (Campomaggio Farm in Radda in Chianti in the Chianti Classico area, as well as in Maremma), gives me a day of deepening of the territory of Terricciola (City of wine) with a visit to the historic Burchino Estate and taste of their wines products in the company of young wine tourists from overseas. And now let’s go!

I can not avoid to write, even if (for me) it’s always difficult to bring the intensity of the sensations experienced at the time.

The Company, with capital “C”, the beautiful farm of Poggio al Casone elegantly nestled in a corner of nature amongst vineyards as far as the eye can see, in the hills near the small town of Crespina, deserves a greater deepening ( since a century-long history, the significant production of bottles exported all over the world * of which I can not say the number but that today, even more than yesterday, choosedthe quality as objective to be pursued in their current and future projects with field trials followed by the University of Pisa and the increasing use of renewable energy.

Well over one hundred hectares of vineyards are in the Pisa province.

(*I remember I found with great surprise and drank the wine of Santa Lucia Farm, now Travalda Farm, during my first holiday travel in the United States in 1989 at a restaurant in San Francisco, I have witnesses:)

Notes on the wines tasted:

The Ancient of Burchino Casanova Vineyard 2008

DOCG Chianti : Sangiovese 70%, Ciliegiolo 20%, Canaiolo 10%.

Chianti of the territory obtained in respect of the traditions. Biodynamic grape cultivation at full capacity since 2006 (Demeter certified). Excellent expression of the type and high quality: ruby red, net varietal aromas on the nose, fresh and dry mouth, fruit and tannins on the palate, a pleasant mineral.

Burchino 2006

Tuscany IGT: Sangiovese 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 30%, Merlot 20% (barrique approximately 12 months)

Of great stuff. International cut, decided from deep, mellow and complex colour, from the components already well-balanced, mineral and soft.

Meet the tastes of the majority of those presents (obvious?)

Geniu Loci 2007

Tuscany IGT Sangiovese: Sangiovese (barriques approximately 24 months), selection of 2 hectares of grown vineyards on sandy slope rich in fossil shells (Pliocene), awesome! Sangioveseof territory with a higher gear. Alive, fresh, blood, elegant, floral intense and spicy, suitable for continued consumption and pleasant in the mouth references. To confirm a very good development in aging-time, stored in the cellars below the small town (perhaps of Etruscan origin), a beautiful elegant Genius Loci 2001, the third vintage produced (a few bottles left, no longer for sale, I think). A nice Sangiovese, winning in name and in deed.

Article by Alessandro Zingoni


Older vintages, Chianti Superiore Burchino 2002

thu 2016 jun 16 - 

Chronicle of a taste. We continue our appointments with tastings of older vintages. Today we came across our Chianti Superiore of the Burchino estate 2002. 10 years waiting to be uncorked! Well, after all this time of aging this Chianti is still very alive to the view and to the smell. It plays all on the notes of red fruit still very intense with various shades (from small red berry fruit with notes decidedly closer to the spices).But it's the palate that excites us: in the mouth the wine extends very well keeping a good overall freshness and vivacity sometimes spirited. A good length and a very elegant tannins... Maybe it's because we were ten years younger, but how beautiful was 2002!


Older vintages, Il Burchino white 2006

thu 2016 jun 16 - 

Today we left go to another tasting, "Il Burchino" white 2006... because we like to taste again in company our older vintages. Here are our comments. A nice hint of bees wax open the nose of this white wine of six years ago.


Older vintages, Genius Loci 2001

thu 2016 jun 16 - 

Chronicle of a taste. Today here we are drinking Genius Loci 2001! Yes that's right our "Genius" of 11 years ago. That's the way we are in our company... We like to taste again between ourselves even older vintages and we came across this bottle. Label, old type and very aged. We could not resist and looking forward we uncorked it with impatience...